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Anthony Schatzky Artist Statement

The most mundane things can be objects of art. They offer lines, shapes, colours and patterns, particularly when photographed in the abstract or taken out of their context. They tell stories that are different than what the original object, when photographed in totality and in context, might tell.

With only a small amount of post-processing, these images can be enhanced, without losing the essence of the object.

My goal is to create photographs from subject-matters that might otherwise be considered mundane - that the viewer will find intriguing or mysterious and/or simply pleasing.


Anthony Schatzky began his work life as an actor/singer and then a performing arts and arts service organization manager. For the last 16 years he as worked for a government agency in an unrelated field.

Schatzky returned to the arts, this time through photography, thirteen years ago. He quickly became very active in the Toronto camera club community as an accredited Greater Toronto Council of Camera Club judge and the organizer, for three years, of Toronto Camera Club’s lecture series.


Exhibition/publication history 

Toronto Camera Club solo show and group shows

Twice published in Maine Media Workshops and College’s “Exquisite Corpse” publication

Winter 2017 Fleck Fine Art Catalogue and the accompanying group exhibit