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Anna concentrated in Ceramics and Printmaking at Alfred University's School of Art & Design, where she earned her B.F.A. She earned her M.F.A. in Visual Studies through a joint interdisciplinary program at Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University.  Her work has been exhibited across the country and is held in private collections internationally. Images of her work have been published in multiple books, including Image Transfer on Clay, 500 Ceramic Sculptures, Ceramic Sculptures and Ceramics Today. Originally from Pennsylvania, Anna now lives in Virginia Beach and is a Ceramics Instructor at the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art.


Artist Statement

           In my recent body of work, I explore ecological concepts relating to global and regional water availability. The wall-hung tile groupings and the sculptural vessels depict cycles of drought and excess rainfall and reference the vital significance of water to plants and people. The imagery ranges from microscopic views of botanical structures for moving and storing water, aerial views, plant imagery, and glossy pools of raindrops, to contrasting areas of matte, cracked clay surfaces, representing drought. 

            I construct the sculptural vessel forms from wheel-thrown porcelain cylinders, which I attach and alter to make one tall sinuous form.  For the wall-hung pieces, I use both stoneware and porcelain clay.  I develop the detailed surface imagery using hand-carved designs, hand-pressed textures made with everyday found objects, layers of brushed underglaze, and the sgraffito process.  After bisque firing, I apply layers of multiple different glazes to create contrast between glossy and matte surfaces, resulting in a balanced patchwork of color and texture.