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Alanna Peters’ work explores impermanence through light and movement. She captures weightlessness and reflection through transparency. Her work plays with the interaction between the abstract qualities of the water and the detailed realism of the figure. She has a desire to connect with the viewer on an intimate level in order to share in a dialogue of shared human experience.

Alanna's works with oil painting on wood panel. She builds up her paintings using thin layers that interact with each other creating depth, transparency and richness to her work. She is predominantly a figurative painter whose use of bold colours and sharp details bring a story to life.

Alanna was born in Ottawa. She earned an Honours BA for Fine Arts from McMaster University (2001) and a BEd for Arts Based Learning from Queen's University (2005). Alanna lives and works in Toronto.

Her work is found in private and public collections in Canada, the United States, France and Uganda.