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Elaine Fleck at the Elaine Fleck Gallery

I’m at the gallery looking at what the public is interested in at this time in the art industry in Toronto, and I realize something nobody is asking for “something”.

What I have found over the years of my gallery life is that the public that enjoys my gallery likes what I choose and take my direction when it comes to what art they want in their spaces.

They also like that I like to give them a well rounded education on what I’m doing and most important what my artists are doing and what the future looks like for the Elaine Fleck Gallery.

First off we are all looking forward to our tour of Amy Shackleton’s 53 foot long Great Canadian LEEDscape painting. We kick off our tour at the Evergreen Brick Works.

We will open up to the public May 13th, 2017 2-4pm at the Evergreen Brick Works for all to see and hear Amy tell us about the piece.

I had a great realization today about Amy, as I was working on my next art talk, “PR and Marketing Art”.

That is, Amy we know is a great innovator, and a great painter. Today I had to look at what a great marketer she is as well, she is doing her job fully and well to be a successful artist.

She observes a situation that needs to be handled - future sustainability on this planet. So to make the point she travels the world and shows us what can be done about it, and the point here is even someone who didn’t have their attention on sustainability will now put their attention on the subject just by looking at her work.

That is really taking responsibility as an artist. Amy is wearing her “hat” as an artist. She’s doing modern work in the modern world, with a real concern that is on the minds of so many thinking individuals, and she presents solutions in such a beautiful and understanding way.

I'd like to hear back from you, on how a message in an artwork has shaped or changed your viewpoint, has helped you understand a modern situation and given you a broader understanding of a subject.

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